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I taught myself to program at age 10, and have been involved with software ever since. I have 20 years of experience in the web and mobile space. I work with an emphasis on teamwork, good communication, and using technology to drive business-value.

I prefer to call myself a company builder more than simply a programmer or software engineer. Over the years I have taken on many roles including backend developer, frontend web developer, mobile developer, project manager, security consultant, technical co-founder, technical sales, technical hiring, reliability engineer, systems administration, devops, scalability engineer, and even customer support.

I support Free and Open Source software. Some of the projects I have contributed to include The Django Project, The Celery Project, Piwik Open Analytics Platform, JSLint, and Strophejs.

General Skills

  • Project Management
  • Product Strategy
  • Agile/Scrum
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Hiring
  • Architectural Planning
  • Usability Analysis
  • Technical Budgeting


  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • CouchDB
  • Redis
  • Python
  • Django
  • Flask
  • RabbitMQ
  • Postfix
  • Ejabberd
  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • GNU/Linux
  • SciPy/NumPy
  • Git
  • Dynamo DB
  • Redshift DB
  • Phonegap/Cordova
  • Rust
  • ReactJS/Redux
  • ExpressJS


  • Five Four Clothing

    Director of Engineering

    2015 – present

    Five Four is a leading online men’s subscription clothing company.

    As Director of Engineering at Five Four, I helped the technology team to enable the tripling of active user counts to achieve upper 8-digit revenues. This required a combination of implemented scalable/stable technology systems, using data to lower churn, and optimize aquisition strategies.

    I ported the entire software stack for both user-facing and backend applications over to AWS with RDS MySQL, Redis, and EC2/VPC. I also ported a large amount of legacy code over to more stable and modern systems. I co-led a migration of all users and payments to Stripe from legacy systems. I also built sophistated reporting tools for improving insights into inventory and subscription forecasting. These various stabilization efforts led to increased user conversions, fewer payment errors, and increased operational efficiency.

    • FiveFour 1
    • FiveFour 2
    • FiveFour 3
    • FiveFour 4
    • FiveFour 5
    • FiveFour 6

    V.P. of Engineering

    2014 – present is a premier native advertising platform that provides easily customizable, in-stream advertising for content publishers, while helping advertisers and publishers to maximize monetization.

    Here, I helped with product strategy, product management, as well as solving complex technical problems.

    With increased growth, the product needed to scale up its ability to handle drastic increases in number of daily ad impressions. I did a complete migration of years of legacy data to a new architecture on AWS, and built new high performance systems for tracking high traffic loads of ad impressions and processing financial transactions for those impressions. I have scaled the system to about 100x performance, allowing for hundreds of millions of ad impressions per day. I also have built complex analytics systems and business insight tools on top of the impressions datasets. This particular project has been mainly built on Python, AWS, Redshift and Redis.

    • Revenue 1
    • Revenue 2
    • Revenue 3
    • Revenue 3
  • General Assembly

    Part-Time Instructor of Front-End Web Development


    General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today's most in-demand skills. As a leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, General Assembly fosters a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

    I was a part-time instructor of the General Assembly Front-End Web Development course in Los Angeles. This was a 10-week course in which I taught students the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. I was able to guide the students to a point where they completed the course having finished a final project demonstrating the skills they had aquired. This teaching experience allowed me to make use of not only my technical abilities, but also my abilities for communication, public speaking, managing programmers of varying degrees, and managing deadlines.

    • GeneralAssembly 1
  • Manicode Security

    Application Security Training Content Author

    2014 – 2015

    Jim Manico of Manicode Security teaches a highly intensive and interactive course which provides essential application security training for web application, webservice and mobile software developers and architects. Jim's classes are a combination of lecture, security testing demonstration and code review.

    I assisted with research of security topics and content authorship on various subjects such as XSS, Phishing, SSL Security, Injection Attacks, and OAuth to name a few.

    • Manicode 1
  • Stockr

    Technical Co-Founder

    2010 – 2014

    Stockr is the real-time social network connecting investors, traders and public companies. The Stockr system currently processes about 40 million data events per business day.

    As a technical co-founder and the senior technology person, I was in involved many aspects of the growth of Stockr. For the first couple years, I wrote almost all of the code myself, building out a large robust featured system.

    The Stockr stack consisted of Python, Django, Celery, CouchDB, MySQL, AWS, BackboneJS, Phonegap, NodeJS, Erlang, and Ejabberd to name a few.

    After the team grew, in addition to continuing to write both backend and frontend code, I also performed many other tasks including hiring technical talent, managing developers, writing backend code, writing frontend code, systems administration, devops, product planning, product scheduling, budgeting, user experience optimization, quality assurance, customer support, and fundraising.

    • Stockr 1
    • Stockr 2
    • Stockr 3
    • Stockr 4
    • Stockr 5
    • Stockr 6

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  • Valuate is the leading web-based commercial real-estate evaluation tool.

    I have assisted with constructing data architectures, project planning, and frontend application development. I also led the development and implementation of algorithms for parsing complex proprietary data formats via Javscript/NodeJS.

    • Valuate 1
    • Valuate 2
    • Valuate 3
  • Subblime


    Subblime is an online community for independent content creators to develop and monetize their audience.

    In order to complete a product pivot, I successfully established a process for shipping on a tight schedule and building out an architecture for handling large traffic spikes.

    • Subblime 1
    • Subblime 2
    • Subblime 3
  • Virurl


    Virurl is a social ad platform which allows users to discover content, share links with friends, and raise money for charity.

    I helped bring this this product to launch with project scheduling and architectural planning.

    • Virurl 1
    • Virurl 2
    • Virurl 3
  • Invent Ventures is a team of institutional co-founders, incubating new concepts and turning those ideas into businesses. Invent Ventures constructs initial prototypes, craft teams around each idea, and provide access to capital.

    As an investor and original member of the Invent team, I assisted the company in it's early stages with architectural planning, hiring, product scheduling, and budgeting. I also helped build and manage some of the projects within the Invent portfolio.

    • Invent 1
  • OleOle was an online platform for communication and ticket exchange of FIFA events and information, including the World Cup.

    I soley architected and developed this e-commerce store which handles thousands of products. I also made extensive use of the SOAP api provided by the CMS to import and synchronize products with a remote legacy 3rd-party inventory system.

    • OleOle 1
    • OleOle 2
  • LifeLine

    2009 – 2010

    I architected and developed this site as a personal diary portal application. This project made extensive use of remote XML Web Services to communicate with the shiny flash front-end.

    • LifeLine 1
    • LifeLine 2
    • LifeLine 3
    • LifeLine 4
    • LifeLine 5
  • I solely architected and was senior engineer for this eco-minded question & answer site. I also developed a comprehensive deployment system which resulted in over 20 successfully executed production deployments.

    • GreenAnswers 1
    • GreenAnswers 2
    • GreenAnswers 3
  • ABC Soapnet

    2008 – 2009

    As lead developer, I architected and engineered the reconstruction of this entire site from the ground up. This included a database structure utilizing over 130 tables, and the migration of many gigabytes of proprietary, non-relational textual data, videos, and photos. I also constructed REST-based services for supplying real-time data to client flash applications.

    Please note that the SOAPNet site currently no longer exists.

    • SoapNet 1
    • SoapNet 2
  • Sunova USA

    2008 – 2010

    I was lead developer, senior architect, and project manager for this surfboard ecommerce site. Sunova makes high performance composite surfboards, which I still personally love and use. Their US distribution has shut down, but you can still aquire one at the Sunova corporate site.

    • Sunova 1
    • Sunova 2
    • Sunova 3
    • Sunova 4
    • Sunova 5
  • Alongside another lead developer I was tasked with re-architecting and re-engineering the entire Paramount pictures website from scratch. This included the migration and handling of thousands of videos, photos, and textual data. I built out an advanced fuzzy-search web service which was used to display interactive results within a client flash application.

    Please note that in the years since I worked on this, the Paramount Pictures website has since be redesigned.

    • Paramount 1
    • Paramount 2
    • Paramount 3
    • Paramount 4
    • Paramount 5
  • GiveBack

    2008 – 2009

    I was tasked to design and build out various web services, API's, and rich client interfaces using an in-house Python MVC framework and JavaScript. These various JSON and RSS services have been used for embedding dynamic Javascript widgets into third party sites.

    • GiveBack 1
    • GiveBack 2
  • PeopleJam


    I was a senior-level developer tasked with engineering and developing a social media and product directory site. I helped to implement drastic performance and scalability improvements to meet growing user demand.

    • PeopleJam 1
    • PeopleJam 2
    • PeopleJam 3
    • PeopleJam 4
  • Open Ecological Platform

    2007 – 2008

    I was the lead client-side developer responsible for engineering and devloping a number of web service API's and interactive Javascript widgets which would communicate via JSON with the Java/J2EE/Hibernate/Oracle server application. These widgets had very clear requirements to be able to render and cycle through large amounts of data without disrupting the user experience with any kind of latency or interruptions. To accomplish this, I implemented various lazy-loading and pre-fetching methods into the application. This created the feeling of a smooth, consistant user experience.

    • OpenEco 1
    • OpenEco 2
    • OpenEco 3
    • OpenEco 4
  • I was a senior-level engineer for this high-traffic site. I also was the lead developer for all client-side JavaScript widgets and rich client applications. I worked with a small team at an incredibly fast pace to see this site from start to completion within a very aggressive deadline.

    • OAN 1
    • OAN 2
  • I aided in the development of a Flickr-like system for interactively managing large photo galleries for an internal intranet application. This system included dynamic browser-based photo cropping, multi-upload tools, and server-side image format conversions in a Java environment.

    • Sun-Photos 1
    • Sun-Photos 2
  • I managed the development of a real-time comment/rating system for the MySpace News portal. I oversaw a team of Java/J2EE engineers, providing functional and technical specifications, and managing deadlines for the completion of this project.

    • MySpace-News 1
    • MySpace-News 2
  • TestMasters

    2003 – 2007

    I was the front-end developer for this large educational site. I led the development of many interactive Javascript quizzes and rich client applications which were used every day by thousands of of the companies students. I also managed the conversion of hundreds of old malformed html templates into a small collection of well formed, standardized markup templates.

    • TestMasters 1
    • TestMasters 2
    • TestMasters 3
  • CGI Productions

    1997 – 1998

    Here I enjoyed hacking Perl and JavaScript for various projects as well as doing customer technical support. During this time, the company enjoyed the status of building one of the first advanced WYSIWYG website builders for end-users.

    • CgiPro 1
    • CgiPro 2


  • JavaScript by Example (2nd Edition)

    • ISBN-10: 0137054890
    • ISBN-13: 978-0137054893
    • Author: Ellie Quigley
    • Publication Date: 2010-10-15

    I did consultation on coding best practices for this JavaScript book.


I have enjoyed surfing for 20 years. I have also enjoyed playing and composing for various musical instruments for 20 years.