Brendon Crawford


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I taught myself to program at age 10, and have been involved with software ever since. I have 20 years of experience in the web and mobile space. I work with an emphasis on teamwork, good communication, and using technology to drive business-value.

I prefer to call myself a company builder more than simply a programmer or software engineer. Over the years I have taken on many roles including backend developer, frontend web developer, mobile developer, project manager, security consultant, technical co-founder, technical sales, technical hiring, reliability engineer, systems administration, devops, scalability engineer, and even customer support.

I support Free and Open Source software. Some of the projects I have contributed to include The Django Project, The Celery Project, Piwik Open Analytics Platform, JSLint, and Strophejs.


  • General

    • Product Strategy
    • Recruiting / Hiring
    • Architectural Planning
    • UX Analysis
    • Funnel Optimization
    • Technical Budgeting
    • Jira / Pivotal / Trello
    • Agile / Scrum / KanBan
  • Backend

    • Python 2/3
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • Flask
    • Django
    • Redshift DB
    • Express.js
    • MySQL
    • CouchDB
    • RabbitMQ
  • Frontend

    • ReactJS
    • Redux
    • GraphQL
    • Webpack
    • Websocket
    • Bootstrap
    • Selenium
    • jQuery
  • Systems/Devops

    • Docker
    • Jenkins
    • GoCD
    • AWS
    • Git
    • Nginx
    • GNU/Linux


  • Menlo House

    Director of Engineering and Lead Engineer

    2015 – present

    Menlo House is a leading online men’s subscription clothing company.

    As Director of Engineering at Menlo House, I helped lead the technology team to enable the tripling of active user counts to hit ~$70m ARR. This was accomplished through implementing scalable/stable technology systems, using data to lower churn, and optimizing aquisition+retention.

    I ported the entire software stack for both user-facing and backend applications over to AWS with RDS MySQL, Redis, and EC2/VPC. I also ported a large amount of legacy code over to more stable and modern systems. I co-led a migration of all users and payments to Stripe from legacy systems. I also built sophistated reporting tools for improving insights into inventory and subscription forecasting. These various stabilization efforts led to increased user conversions, fewer payment errors, and increased operational efficiency.

    • FiveFour 1
    • FiveFour 2
    • FiveFour 3
    • FiveFour 4
    • FiveFour 5
    • FiveFour 6

    CTO and Lead Engineer

    2014 – 2017 was a native advertising platform that provided customizable, in-stream advertising for content publishers.

    I helped build the development team, where I did product strategy, product management, as well as building complex systems for high scale.

    I successfully migrated years of legacy in the billions of records, from legacy systems to AWS. I also built new high performance systems for tracking high traffic loads of ad impressions and processing financial transactions for those impressions. I have scaled the system to about 100x performance, allowing for hundreds of millions of ad impressions per day. I also have built complex analytics systems and business insight tools on top of the impressions datasets. This particular project has been mainly built on Python, AWS, Redshift and Redis.

    • Revenue 1
    • Revenue 2
    • Revenue 3
    • Revenue 3
  • Stockr

    CTO and Lead Engineer

    2010 – 2014

    Stockr was a social network connecting investors, traders and public companies. The Stockr system processed 100s of million data events per business day.

    The Stockr stack consisted of Python, Django, Celery, CouchDB, MySQL, AWS, BackboneJS, Phonegap, NodeJS, Erlang, and Ejabberd to name a few.

    After the team grew, in addition to continuing to write both backend and frontend code, I also performed many other tasks including hiring technical talent, managing developers, writing backend code, writing frontend code, systems administration, devops, product planning, product scheduling, budgeting, user experience optimization, quality assurance, customer support, and fundraising.

    • Stockr 1
    • Stockr 2
    • Stockr 3
    • Stockr 4
    • Stockr 5
    • Stockr 6

More history available upon request.


  • JavaScript by Example (2nd Edition)

    • ISBN-10: 0137054890
    • ISBN-13: 978-0137054893
    • Author: Ellie Quigley
    • Publication Date: 2010-10-15

    I did consultation on coding best practices for this JavaScript book.


I have enjoyed surfing for 20 years. I have also enjoyed playing and composing for various musical instruments for 20 years.